The Story


I was born in Houston, Texas and started playing the guitar when I was 13 years old. One day, I faked sick and stayed home from school. Bored to tears at home, I dug out my father's old acoustic guitar and played it until my fingers bled. I found an immediate passion for the guitar, and would always become involved in some sort of band all throughout my high school years and the years to follow. One summer, I was playing guitar at the Guitar Center in Roseville, Minnesota when I was approached by lead guitarist for Prince, Miko Weaver. He liked what he heard and he and I exchanged phone numbers to start a band together. I jumped on a Greyhound bus and headed to Oakland, California to play in Miko's band, the "Bandwagon." After awhile, I decided to move back to Minnesota. I started a three piece band with two former band mates and shortly thereafter, we were all introduced to Badfinger guitarist/songwriter, Joey Molland. As Joey Molland's Badfinger, we toured the states, journeyed overseas to London, Japan and Belgium for roughly two years. I decided to leave the band for personal reasons, although the experience I had playing guitar with Joey Molland and being able to perform the Badfinger music will forever be in my most positive memories. Joey is truly a gifted guitarist, singer and songwriter. The next step in my musical endeavors came with a phone call from Miko Weaver whom invited me to be a part of Eddie Murphy's new musical exploration, "Psycadelic Psoul." I flew to New York the next morning after receiving a confirmation phone call from Larry Graham from Sly and the Family Stone and Graham Central Station. Larry would also be Eddie's Musical Director. We began rehearsing for the Montreaux Jazz Festival and several east coast tours at SIR Studios in Manhattan, NY. I have kept in touch with Eddie and some of the musicians from Psycadelic Psoul and I hold that entire musical experience very close to my heart. I have met so many fantastic people throughout my musical career and have written many songs that I hope you take the time to listen to and enjoy. I can only hope and pray that my future in music holds many more unexpected surprises and many more memorable experiences.
Life, Love, Song.

Michael Thomas Lichey   

The Musical Journey